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Egyptians app
– This app makes it easier for frequent travelers to search for trains using departure time and/or arrival time and/or departure city and/or destination city. It informs travelers about all the details of the train including its grade, speed and the stops along its way.
– Offline use.
– Ability to know each train’s stop stations and its times.
– Ability to know each train number and speed.
– Ability to know the trip duration.
– Ability to choose the class of trains or it will show all trains with all classes.
– Autocomplete for departure and arrival station name.
– From and to Station names swap option.
– Easy to use.
– New VIP trains Included.
– +14000 Trips.
– +900 Trains.
– +700 Stations.
– 60 Lines.
– 5 Classes.
– It tells the user if the train works or not on the weekends and the national holidays.
– A table of stations number for queries.
– A guide for the how-to book a train seat online.
– Any suggestions, complaints or feature request, you can contact with us through the app or our facebook page.
– Kindly download the updates once it is available on the app store to enjoy the new features and